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Sat, May 06


Thornton High School, Main Gym


All players arrive by 9:45AM 1st seed: Thornton 2nd seed: Castle View 3rd seed: Sand Creek Schedule: • 05/06/2023 10:00AM Thornton vs San Creek • 05/06/2023 11:30AM Castle View vs San Creek • 05/06/2023 01:00PM Thornton vs Castle Rock

Time & Location

May 06, 2023, 9:45 AM – 5:45 PM

Thornton High School, Main Gym, 9351 Washington St, Thornton, CO 80229, USA

About the event

1. The end of the season is Tuesday, May 2nd. 

a. All scores for matches need to be entered into MaxPreps by 9 pm on Tuesday, May 2nd. The rankings will run that night and to be ready for seeding on Wednesday morning.

2. Regional seeding is Wednesday, May 3rd. Brackets will be posted on the website following the meeting.

a. NEW - 24 teams will be selected to 8 regions. There is no league protection.  All 24 teams will be selected straight off of the CHSAA Selection & Seeding Index (50% CHSAA RPI & 50% MaxPreps Rankings) published at the end of the regular season.

b. Teams will then be seeded based off of the same CHSAA Selection & Seeding Index.

i. Once on the bracket, teams can be moved one spot at a maximum based upon trying to alleviate league opponent matchups between the top 2 seeds in the region.  Host teams will not be moved.

ii. When applicable, geography will be considered for the number three seeds of each region.  Teams may only be moved a maximum of four spots.

c. Teams seeded No. 1 through 8 will host regionals. Teams 9-24 will be traveling.

d. Order of play: 1 v. 3; 2 v 3; 1 v 2

e. Regionals will be hosted on Saturday May 6th.  A TP&F form will be sent by Sarah in our finance department for your regional finances.

f. Regional ticket prices:  $10/adults + $7/students.

g. Regional winner will advance to state.

h. Hosts will be responsible for working with their assignor to get officials and line-judges.

i. The state bracket will be released on Monday, May 8th. Teams will keep their seeds from Regionals and will be seeded accordingly onto the state bracket.

3. Regional Tie Breaker Method

In the case of a 3-way tie (all teams win a match), the Tournament Director must call the CHSAA Volleyball Administrator BEFORE the tie breaker in order to verify (720-581-8102). All involved teams must sign off verifying they are in agreement that the tie was broken accurately using the following method. For regionals, there will be a 15-minute break and then the 15-minute warm-up will begin.

· REGIONALS: If there is a three-way tie for only one qualifying spot, determine set percentage among TIED teams. The two lowest set percentage teams will play one set to 25 points (no cap). The winner will then immediately play the highest set percentage team to determine the top seed/qualifying spot in question. If two teams are tied with the highest set percentage, use head-to-head to break the tie. THERE MUST BE TWO, ONE-SET PLAYOFFS.

a. If tie isn't broken, then same procedure will be followed taking point differential among TIED teams (eliminate non-tied teams).

b. If the tie isn’t broken, then the same procedure will be followed taking the set percentage among ALL teams.

c. If tie isn't broken, then a coin flipwill occur.  All three teams will flip at the same time.  You must flip until one team flips differently than the other two (i.e. 2 heads and 1 tails).  The “odd” team out (tails in this case) will be set aside and the other two will play the first set to 25.  The loser will be #3; the winner will then play the “odd” team out one set to 25 to determine #1 and #2.

4. Regional Matchups MUST DO’S:

a. Please create the match-ups in MaxPreps

b. Text Bethany (720-581-8102) the results from each match during the regionals. NOT individual sets, just FINAL match scores.

5. State will be May 11-13 at Overland High School

a. Two gyms will be used for the double elimination tournament (no “if” game – finals will be the finals).

b. Game times:

i. Thursday:  3 pm, 5 pm, 7 pm

ii. Friday:  5 pm, 7 pm

iii. Saturday:  11 am, 1 pm, 4 pm finals

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